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Testing new server + vanilla Liberation from KP team

January 7th, 2018

After long server outage, we finally have a new one up and running, but for the time being we will be running in NO MOD vanilla Liberation as we need to test the server and also as the development of this great coop mission was taken over by KP ( Once we understand what this means for our “cold war” modifications, we will work on integrating back our nostalgic feeling using RHS/CUP mods (until CSLA3 is out that is).

However on the positive side the OFP nostalgia is at least a little bit back also now as we will be using the Malden (unfortunately 2035 edition from BIS) map for now….

PS:  Note that server changed IP and password for testing period.

Switch to ArmA3 and RHS/Sahrani

October 3rd, 2016

OK folks, we have here a first attempt to get some nostalgia here with ArmA3, it is definitely not as grand as CWR2 for ArmA2, but it stands for itself as a first attempt. So definitely more retro versions are coming, but for now RHS based Liberation mission (as best replacement for Domination missions). There has been an update to the how to connect page with completelly new set of mods to download and server IP, also for getting some feeling going, below check the screenshots what you are missing.


But to make this more available for you, here is a list of what to download to join us:

1) Server location

2) Mission Download
(if you want your own server/local fun)

3) Addons/Mods download:

Steam workshop:
RHS 4.1.1 armies





@CWR2 + @CSLA Domination on Malden

February 14th, 2015

Hello everyone, so right now the CSLA even started nicelly, there was a complete WARFARE benny edition played on Chernarus with CSLA units, not to somehow merge CSLA also to the standard and most played mission of Domination, I done a quick&dirty integration of CSLA and AFMC units to the Malden domination mission. So currently in order to join, you have to have both CWR and CSLA mod loaded, but I believe it is worth it.


To connect:
1) Install CSLA mode from here :
2) Install CWR and our missions from our regular guide here.


Connect to our server also mentioned in the “How to connect” page.

Current missions in list:

1) Domination CSLA+AFMC Malden
2) Wargame CSLA/AFMC Chernarus
3) CSLA Protectors
4) AFMC Protectors




Spoler: Working on Nogova based resistance variation on Domination mission :), but no promisses due to limited free time.

CSLA support vehicles deployed

CSLA support vehicles deployed

CLSA transport choppers ready ...

CLSA transport choppers ready …

CSLA missions for a Spring 2015 Event!

January 24th, 2015

Hello All,


After XMAS missions, we are moving to Spring and as such I would like to invite for a little bit different approach with a quick CSLA mod coop missions.


Please just download   CSLA mod, nothing else needed and join us.


Best of fun,





Christmas CWR2 missions loaded

December 13th, 2014

Hello all,


Ok people, after the maintenance we are back up and running and this time with two custom domination missions with X-mass atmosphere. The missions have custom snowing permanently running, winter weather, extra stuff on base including presents 🙂 and some carols.





Xmas CWR2 Winter Kolgujve Domination – 1


Xmas CWR2 Winter Malden Domination – 2


Temporary downtime for maintenance (12th-13th December 2014)

December 12th, 2014

Hello all,


For two reasons, the server is down to do
a) maintenance on the server itself
b) CWR2 team gave us a workaround on the signature issue with nightly builds, after server is back up, I will update the required addons guide


PS: Christmas special missions incoming!