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@CWR2 + @CSLA Domination on Malden

February 14th, 2015

Hello everyone, so right now the CSLA even started nicelly, there was a complete WARFARE benny edition played on Chernarus with CSLA units, not to somehow merge CSLA also to the standard and most played mission of Domination, I done a quick&dirty integration of CSLA and AFMC units to the Malden domination mission. So currently in order to join, you have to have both CWR and CSLA mod loaded, but I believe it is worth it.


To connect:
1) Install CSLA mode from here :
2) Install CWR and our missions from our regular guide here.


Connect to our server also mentioned in the “How to connect” page.

Current missions in list:

1) Domination CSLA+AFMC Malden
2) Wargame CSLA/AFMC Chernarus
3) CSLA Protectors
4) AFMC Protectors




Spoler: Working on Nogova based resistance variation on Domination mission :), but no promisses due to limited free time.

CSLA support vehicles deployed

CSLA support vehicles deployed

CLSA transport choppers ready ...

CLSA transport choppers ready …