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Switch to ArmA3 and RHS/Sahrani

October 3rd, 2016

OK folks, we have here a first attempt to get some nostalgia here with ArmA3, it is definitely not as grand as CWR2 for ArmA2, but it stands for itself as a first attempt. So definitely more retro versions are coming, but for now RHS based Liberation mission (as best replacement for Domination missions). There has been an update to the how to connect page with completelly new set of mods to download and server IP, also for getting some feeling going, below check the screenshots what you are missing.


But to make this more available for you, here is a list of what to download to join us:

1) Server location

2) Mission Download
(if you want your own server/local fun)

3) Addons/Mods download:

Steam workshop:
RHS 4.1.1 armies