Hello world!

November 8th, 2014

So here we are, after several years of playing Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and then the whole ArmA series, the lowering of computing power has enabled also that also I can finally run an ArmA (although right now only ArmA 2) server to host the missions I like the most, and those are the classical best mission like Domination and other co-op missions converted to Cold War Rearmed 2 mod, but with the nostalgic feeling for old Operation Flashpoint (release date 2001, but now called ArmA: Cold War Assault).


So in summary, please feel free to join me by connecting to the server.


Feedback you can leave in the comments below.


Yours truly,


PS: ArmA3 option is right now looked on, but financial situation doesn’t allow yet the server with enough power for that. Maybe later, or with some donation system deployed.

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